Frecuently asked questions

The price that I see on the web site is the price that I will pay when I get the car?

Yes, it is the price of the rent for the days that you choose on the serch engine.

What is the security deposit?

The day of the rent you leave a security deposit by credit card or cash (it’s a hold, not a charge, the day that you return the car the bank release the money in 24 to 72 hours), or if you left it in cash we will give you the money back.

How much would the sucurity deposit be on a credit card?

It depends on the type of the car that you choose, it goes from $250 USD to $300 USD.

Why I can’t see the refund of the security deposit on my bank statement?

The security deposit is a hold, so you will never see a refund because it wasn’t a charge, on your bank statement you will see it like “Pending”. If you have problems with the release just call to your bank.

Is the insurance included on the price of the web site?

Yes, all our rates includes:

  • Rent for 24 hours PERIOD.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Collision Damage Waiver with 10 % deductible over the car’s value (CDW).
  • Theft Protection with 10 % deductible over the car’s value (PT).
  • Third Party Liability (TPL) (up to $ 40,000 usd).
  • Medical Expenses Insurance (PAI). (up to $ 10,000 usd).
  • Suplementary Liability Insurance (up to $ 100,000 usd).
  • Legal assistance.
  • Additional drivers.
  • State and Federal Taxes.
  • Pick up and Drop off at the Cancun airport.

What does the rent for 24 hrs PERIOD means?

For Example if you pick up the car at 9:00 am, you have or can return the car at 9:00 am, but in emergencies we can wait for you an hour and a half without extra charge once the return hour finish.

Can aditional coverage be purchase to elimínate the insurance deductible?

Yes, the 0% deductible insurance is the option, that insurance have an extra charge (dependending on the car type). You can add this insurance on the “extras” section in the web site

Can I use my Amex or Discover card for payment?

Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

Is a small deposit required in advance to hold and guarantee the reservation?

Not really, but if you want we can send you the paypal link and you can pay only the 10% of the total amount rent. We can send you the link once you confirm us if you would like to pay it by email.

Can I leave the security deposit on my debit card?

If the debit card is in dollars (if it's an U.S. Bank Account) yes that’s posible. If it’s a mexican Bank Account we dont suggest you to do it, because it can take from a week to a month to release the money by the bank.

What is the minmun age for rent a car?

21 years old.

How many aditional drives can I add?

You can add 3 drivers without extra charge.

What doesn’t cover the insurance?

  • The loss or damage of the car keys
  • The lost of the licenses plates,
  • registration car
  • fines
  • towing services when required.

Is the gas included?

No, the gas is not included. You have to return the car in the same level of gas in which we gave it to you at the beginning.

Do you provide transportation from the airport to your office to pick up the car?

Yes, we do, aswell as the drop off at the airport the day that you return the car.

How does the airport pick up work?

The day of the rent, one of our representative will contact you as soon as you land to coordinate the transportation. Normaly all the pick ups are at the friends & family exit, If you don’t know how to get there, don’t worry on the “confimation and instructions” email, comes step by step how to go there avoiding all the scam stories inside of the airport.

Do I have to call you / text you upon arrival?

If you don’t receive any text message in the next 20 minutes once you already land, please contact us.

How far is the rental agency from the airport?

We are 7 minutes away from the airport.

Do you need authorization holds when booking with your Company?

When you book on the website you can pay the 10% of the total amount rent by PayPal, but this is optional. The hold is made the day of the rent and the bank release the amount once you return the car.

Is there possibility to extend the agreement while renting?

Yes, just advice us, 24 hrs before the date that you are supposed to bring the car back and if you want to keep it for more than 3 days you only have to come to our office to pay the extra days (if youre outside of Cancun call us and we can help you).

I think we will arrive later in the evening. Are you still open then? I read on your website the opening hours are till 6 pm.

Sure if you already made your reservation, is for sure that we will wait until the last client arrives.

Are there any other deposits or costs not shown or included in the online rental checkout?

No, unless you want to prepay the 10% of the rental you can doit, but it’s optional.

I will return the car early in the morning, Would this work for you?

For sure, the day of the rent we schedule the drop off of the car.

What if I wanted to add full insurance to the car? How much would that be?

Depending on the type of car, it costs from $13 usd per day to $22 usd per day.

Are there any other deposits or costs not shown or included in the online rental checkout?

We only ask to return the car in the same conditions as we gave it to you at the beggining.

I see a deposit is needed to finalize the reservation but I would like to know if the deposit is refundable.

With everything happening with Covid these days our plans could change so could you please let me know if this deposit is refundable.

Yes, you can cancell your rent and get a full refund if you do it 24 hrs before the date that you reserved the car.

for example - if something happend ( scratch on the car ) do I have to pay for thid damage ? If you didnt choose the 0% deductible insurance, yes, you are responsible of the 10% of the comercial value of the car, this means that, in this example, you will only pay for the repair of that scratch,

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel 24hrs before your arrival, and you already prepay the 10% of the rental by PayPal, we refund you that prepay.

How much is the insurance deductible if I don't purchase the "0 deductible" insurance?

10% deductible over the car’s value, this means you’re responsible from 1usd to the 10% of the value of the car in case of damages.

I want to rent but I don’t have a PayPal account. Is that possible in any way?

When the paypal window opens on you computer, just close it, you will receive in the next 24hrs the information of your reservation.

Do I need an international license to rent a car?

No really, we only ask for your drivers license not expired.

Tulum tips

  • Avoid to park over the main avenue in Tulum. Also be careful, there's a lot of people using bicycles instead of cars. The traffic may be a little heavy.
  • When travelling, make sure the doors are locked at all times (in some cars to lock the doors is manual), and don't leave your luggage or values things at the seats where anyone can see it, keep them in the trunk.
  • The road is bumpy, help us taking care of the tires driving carefully.
  • Remember that any of the insurance does not cover the loss of the licences plates, loss or damage to the car key (do not wet the key, or break it, etc.), register car, fines or towing services.

Isla Mujeres tips

When traveling to Isla Mujeres or Hol Box do not park over the main avenue, at ultramar theres a parking lot, we suggest you to park there for an extra charge because they have security guards, so the car and your goods will be safe.

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